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We create a platform for you to help the community around you by organizing events and activities
We believe in giving back!
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We'll pair you up with an English learner to help them practice English, and they'll likely want to hang out with you as you explore Yangshuo.
Make new friends
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Have meaningful conversations with people from a different context as you help them practice English.
Immerse yourself in the culture

Volunteer in Rural China

Being a volunteer in China means helping meet other peoples needs and being rewarded at the same time! Here is a great opportunity for you!


Fully immerse yourself in the culture and help by sharing your natural English skills with the locals. Some of the Chinese students never have an opportunity to practice what they learn in the class. Many students dream of the opportunity to engage with a foreigner.


We require volunteers provide some sort of regular service to the school, i.e. in average 2 hours a day volunteer work of teaching English.

Best of both worlds

In return you will get an opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture. You will pursue your goal of learning Chinese at a decreased tuition cost and be rewarded with free accommodation and food!

At the same time you gain international experience on your resume. Plus you also make life-long friends with your Chinese language partner.

Your weekends are completely free for your own adventures to explore the most beautiful town in China! You can even join us on one of our Saturday excursions with Omeida’s Chinese and English language students.

1. What is Omeida’s Volunteer Program about?

Omeida’s Volunteer in China Program is an unpaid language and cultural exchange program in Yangshuo.

Omeida owns Chinese Academy and English College which are two independent but closely cooperated and located schools. Every year we have more than 1,000 native Chinese students (including kids, teens and adults) study English at Omeida and recruiting lots of foreign volunteers to practice English conversation with Chinese students.

Volunteers are requested to work in average 2 hours a day Monday to Friday in exchange of free shared accommodation and food at school. Typical work is to do 1 hour a day free conversation in English with the students who are studying in English College. The conversation is usually one on one, sometimes small group English corner. The other hour is more flexible with tasks for your choice, e.g. write blogs or stories to post on facebook, or simply do more English conversation with students.

Native English speakers or speakers fluent to native level are welcome to apply for the volunteer positions all year round, while in low season the volunteer position is relatively limited. However, we always give priorities to our foreign students to do volunteer work. On top of providing free room and/or food, we also offer a discount for volunteer students to attend our Chinese courses.

If you are interested in the volunteer position, please feel free to contact us.

2. Can I work in China with a student visa?

It’s illegal to work in China without a work visa. University degree students can do an internship if approved by their university and with it’s help adding an “intern” note to their study residence permit. All other paid job are not allowed for foreign students in China.

3. Can I do other volunteer work except English conversation at Omeida?

Yes, depending on your interest and expertise, we are also in need of marketing volunteers, blog writers, vlog makers, event photographers, video editors, website developers, activity leaders, and others.

Marketing work including SEO, social media management, Google ads optimization, photo or video editing, blog writing, etc.

Just send us your CV and tell us what your talents are. It will be a great opportunity for you to do what you love and enrich your experience!

4. How much do I need to pay if I do volunteer work and study Chinese with Omeida?

By doing volunteer work you can exchange free room and/or food at Omeida, and attend our small group comprehensive Chinese class at discounted price.

The minimum volunteer period preferred is two weeks. A 150RMB/week discount will be applied based on the Standard Chinese course price. E.g. the discounted tuition is 3,502RMB (or about 525 USD) for a 2 week, or 6,850RMB (about 1,027USD) for a 4 week Standard Chinese course with 15 lessons per week. While the non-volunteer price for the same package is 4382RMB(about 657USD) or 8,610RMB(about 1,291USD).

If you are interested in Intensive course or other courses, please contact us.

5. What time should I do volunteer work?

If you do English exchange in Omeida Language College, then usually the working hours are 5-6pm and/or 7-8pm Monday to Friday.
If you do other volunteering, it will be during our business hours along with other team member(s), i.e. 9am-12 noon, 2-6pm Monday to Friday.


  • Must be a native English speaker or have near-native level of fluency
  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • Willing to share, give of yourself and help others
  • Have a serving attitude
  • A sense of fun and adventure!


If you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ page or feel free to send us your question.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime!

This volunteer program provides you with a chance to experience ‘real’ China and get some international work experience. You will also meet many Chinese students who are learning English, so you can ask any burning questions like “What is the translation of Coca-Cola in Chinese?” and “Does the Government really make it rain?!”

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